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Welcome to our website. This is where you can read our webcomic. It will contain comedy, drama, fighting and lust. So there should be something for everyone. - If you love Angels and Demons, then you should take a look at the story we got here. So i will like to welcome you all, to FantasyReading. May the spirits guide your path.

Random charactersEdit

  • Arkcane Vinc Doc
  • Toyashi
  • Yuki
  • Jinx
  • Akio

Arkcane´s StoryEdit

Freedom -Imprison or Freedom

-The Day before Death

-New Life

Toyashi´s StoryEdit

-The new begining


Yuki Mizaki´s StoryEdit

-He might be the one "I think"

-"Mi´Lady" He said?

Jinx Jack JonesEdit

-Howdy Cowboy

-Ride into the sunshine

Akira MataumizEdit

-The Guardian spirit

-Her brother is The Devil

Latest activityEdit

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